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August 30, 2007


Jan Morgan

Dear Penny,
Giving this a try; delighted with your efforts. Will "chat" when I find out how this works.
Cheerfully, Jan

Neal Raile

Looks like I should have posted my last message here instead of on the Fathers page. Dont suppose they can be changed? Oh well live and learn hope others post commets on blog and history on fathers page.
Ps web page is

Suzann K. Neitzel Propp

Thank you Penny for all your hard work. It's great to have all this information. Especially for the next generation. Will try to add more later. Love, cousin Sue

Richard Renz


I'm not sure if you know who I am but you must of known AJ and Velma. They raised my father Delvin. I came across your web page during a web search about the Blacksea Germans, your blogs about the harmonies down the Danube are what I know as well about the Leibbrandts my (mother's maiden name) shoot me an email sometime. Merry Christmas.


Suzann K. Neitzel Propp

Wow! These people moved alot. Was it wonderlust or were they pushed out? St. Francis is also a case of not enough jobs to keep us all there. You do what you have to do. Sue

Bonnie Henderson

We in St. Francis are all excited about the reunion this September. Hoping for a good turn out. Always great to see family.
After moving back 3 years ago I hadn't realized what I had missed living away from home. It's good to be back.
No matter where we lived St. Francis was always home to us and the kids.
Thanks Penny for providing the site.


Better late than never--I think. This is the first time I have read the complete saga of the original family trip from Germany to Russia. What a tremendous job of research, Penny. The information is priceless and I can now refer my grandkids to your site for stories about our family's migration to the United States.

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